Quick Description: Martel is a gambling man, a man who can find you whatever you’d like and can talk himself out of almost any bad situation. His single goal in life is to set up a world wide black market so that anyone could always find anything and he would be the man they needed to come to to get it. A business man, Martel is kind to most people and very diplomatic but when it comes down to his money-he doesn’t mess around.

Martel History:

Martel’s parents were intelligent rogues who knew of Aberich and its unspoiled lands. So even though his mother was very pregnant, they traveled immediately. During a storm on the Valrun Ocean that nearly capsized their vessel-Martel was born and to their surprise, with a mark upon his face. After getting upon the land, they learned of the gods and how the mark worked. Martel was snagged up by the Goddess of Inspiration, Muse and to this day whenever he escapes a frightful situation-he thanks “ma’lady”- though he claims to not be a religious man.


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